5 Must Try Adventure Activities in Manali

5 Must Try Adventure Activities in Manali

Manali has a lot of things to offer to its travelers and lately, Manali has become one of the most loved places all over the world. There are various adventure sports and fun activities that you can do with your family and friends. But people often get confused while choosing the right adventure activities to do during the right weather and to do within limited traveling time. Therefore, here we are with the list of 5 must-try adventure activities in Manali so that you don’t get confused about choosing between the right adventure activity. 

Adventure has become a new trend of satisfying adrenaline rush in veins and challenging human limitations and guts. But adventure is very important for living life to its fullest as it not only expands the mind by building up bravery and courage but also a great opportunity to grow and learn. And now let’s dive right into our 5 shortlisted adventure activities in Manali, that you should try while you are in Manali.

1. Zorbing

Full of adrenaline rush and standing over the top of the mountain and looking at a zorbing ball, which is going to carry you all along through the downward slope. This adventurous activity doesn’t only sound exciting but this, in reality, is one of the most thrilling and exciting sports that you can do while in Manali. 

Zorbing is a kind of sport wherein a person goes inside a big transparent ball that has dense outer walls and special fastenings inside to hold onto a person. After tightening the person properly then this transparent ball is later thrown from the top of an inclined surface and the person inside gets rolled down with the rolling transparent sphere.

This high adrenaline rushing sport not only looks dangerous but is very dangerous for real. Though sports like these are performed under expert supervision, sometimes odd things have happened in the past. This is because the rolling transparent sphere is not controlled by anything, not even by the person inside the sphere, hence it is very important to be cautious while performing this activity.  

There are many places in Manali where this activity is performed but choosing the right and safe place to do this activity is very important. And also, choosing the right time is very crucial and the best time to do this activity is between January to May and October to December. The best places to do this activity are Solang Valley. Solang Valley is located at a distance of 14 km from Manali.

2. Skiing

Another famous adventurous activity to do while you are in Manali is skiing. This fun and adventurous activity are very much liked in Manali when all the mountains are covered by snow sheets during winter. 

The literal meaning of skiing is gliding on snow and to do that people use skis. Skiing is one of the oldest sports in existence, it has been in people’s interest for more than 5 millennia. Although modern skiing has developed a lot and it is a lot more different and safer than old times. 

The main attraction of this adrenaline-rushing sport is skiing through high snow-capped mountains and pristine natural landscapes. This sport must have been on everyone’s bucket list as this adventurous activity offers a whole different level of adventurous experience that pumps the inner soul in every breath you take while skiing. 

The best place to perform this sport is in Solang Valley. As in Solang Valley people have been skiing for a very long time, which makes it safer and there are more trustworthy experts here than in any other place in Manali. Also, Solang Valley has a perfect environment in winter where you can ski. 

There are different levels of Skiing offered in Manali, as some mountains are not very steeped which makes them suitable for beginners to learn and explore the fun of skiing. Also, there are some mountains that are very steep and skiing on these mountains is only for advanced and pro skiers. So, it is very important for travelers to choose the right level of difficulty for skiing. 

The right time to go skiing in Manali is from December to January. This time is best because between this duration of the month Manali receives the highest snowfall of all year, making mountains look like a white bedsheet of snow.  

3. Paragliding

Who doesn’t like to see Manali’s enormous yet most beautiful landscape from above the sky? Well, drones are just a medium through which one person can have the third-person perspective of this natural heaven of India, but seeing it with your own eyes is another level of memory to hold in your mind. And this is possible through various ways like seeing it from airways or helicopters in the area, but the most thrilling and exciting way to do this is through paragliding. 

At a distance of 2050 meters above sea level, Manali is the perfect place to do paragliding. And as a result of this, paragliding in Manali is another one of the most loved adventure activities to do. Paragliding through the beautiful mountains of Manali and looking at the views and landscapes from up above the sky is something you do not want to miss. 

Paragliding has always been considered one of the most extreme sports to do and it was found in the early 1980s by people fascinated by aerial sports. 

As exciting as it sounds, Paragliding also is a very dangerous sport to perform in mountains, hence it is very important to have an instructor while you paraglide through beautiful yet very dangerous hilltops and green and lavish yet very long and dangerous trees of Manali. There are various places in Manali where you can do this activity and many paragliding offering services are also active in Manali, but choosing the right place and the right service provider who can perform this sport correctly is very important.

The best place to do this activity in Manali is in Solang Valley as in this valley there are some very old and very good paragliding instructors who have been doing this sport for a very long time. 

The best time to go paragliding at Solang Valley is from January to May and from October to December as the weather during these months is perfect for seeing the view and enjoying the full excitement of paragliding in Manali.   

4. River Rafting

In Manali, every landscape has something exciting and thrilling to offer, just like snow-capped mountains have skiing, the blue and clear skies have paragliding, just like the rivers of Manali which are passing through deep cuts and steeped flow have river-rafting. 

River rafting is one of the most admired adventurous activities in any region of the country. But in Manali, it has its significance very high because of two main reasons, first is the river’s way of flowing and another most fascinating and exciting fact about this sport is that it requires a group of people. Hence, it is a very suitable adventurous sport where you can go with your friends and can have the thrill of river rafting and the fun of being with friends both at the same time. 

Lately, river rafting through the mean course of the Beas River has attracted lots of tourists all over the country and the love for this adrenaline-pumping sport is growing gradually. This is because river rafting in Manali has so much to offer to every river-rafting lover whether it’s about a group of beginners or a herd of pro river rafters. River Beas is considered to be most suitable for river rafting among other rivers like Chenab, Ravi, and Sutlej. The origin of the Beas river is from Rohtang Pass but the rafting starts from Manaki to Jhiri near Bajaura en-route Manali from Bhuntar. This rafting route is best for medium and hard difficulty levels. There are other small rafting routes for beginners. 

The best time to visit Manali for river rafting is in June and July, as during this time of year the river has maximum water flow and very adequate current which is perfect for river rafting.  

5. Mountain Biking

Another thrilling and adrenaline-rushing activity to do in Manali is mountain biking. As exciting as it sounds it’s even more dangerous, biking through rugged slopes around Manali is no piece of cake. It is one of the most adventurous activities that will pump your inner soul which everyone needs once in their life. 

The best place to go mountain biking in Manali is Naggar Castle, Rumsu Valley, Jana Falls, and Rahala Falls. The minimum age eligible to perform this activity is 12 years. 

The best time to do this thrilling activity is from June to September. But if you are much of a person who doesn’t like crowds and wants to spend time enjoying this adrenaline-pumping sport in less crowd, then the perfect time to visit Manali for this sport is during summer. 

While doing this activity make sure you use proper gear and safety equipment as this sport can leave you injured very badly. Also, be very sure about your bike and the way you ride the mountain bike. If you’re a beginner and do not know much about mountain biking, do not forget to hire an expert who can guide you properly while performing this sport.

While you are busy making a list of adventurous activities to do in Manali, let us worry about your stay and accommodation in Manali. We at Coral Resorts and Spa will take care of you and your lovely friends and family. Also, if you get completely drained after performing this adrenaline-pumping and draining sport we have a world-class spa ready to recharge your energy battery. 


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