Best Tourist Destinations in Manali for a Family Weekend

Best Tourist Destinations in Manali for a Family Weekend

In this world of growing technologies, spending time with family is pretty rare to watch, unless you plan some weekend tour to some very fascinating and wonderful destination. Like we mentioned some very fascinating and wonderful destinations, Manali is a place that stands right to our description. Hence, here is the complete information about the best tourist destinations in Manali for a family weekend. So pack your bags, gather your family members and enjoy this wonderful and mind-boggling trip to Manali and enjoy your best weekend.

There are various things to be kept in mind while planning a family trip, like safe accommodations, very good food and the most important thing keeping your kids and family safe from crowds. Also, a trip with family includes some very sophisticated and family-friendly places. Well, everything detailed about the best places to visit for family is here mentioned below.

Hidimba Temple

This unique temple is dedicated to Devi Hidimba, wife of Bheema and mother of Ghatotkach from Mahabharata. This temple is very sacred and holds great significance for the locals, as well tourists here visit very frequently to seek blessings from Goddess Hidimba. The structure of this temple is unique in itself, there is a 60-centimeter rock structure of Goddess Hidimba inside the temple.

According Hindu mythology, it is believed that Hidimba meditated here in this region as the atonement of her sins, where she was considered goddess by Goddess Durga herself. And you can see the footprint of Goddess Durga at the main entrance of the temple. This temple is surrounded by long deodar trees and if you go in winter you can see white snow sheets all over the place. This is the perfect place to take your family there and seek blessings of Goddess Hidimba while enjoying beautiful and breathtaking sceneries all around.

Though this temple happens to be open throughout the year, if you and your family want to enjoy the maximum of this place then planning a trip there during Dussehra will be great. As during Dusshera the locals worship Goddess Hidimba as the rest of the country worships Goddess Durga.

You can also see the Ghatakoch Shirin, which is a few miles walk away from Hidimba Temple. This shirin is dedicated to Ghatakoch, son of Bheema and Goddess Hidimba.

Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple

This monastery is one of the many famous monasteries in North India. This place is famous for its architecture and art inside it. Also, this place is visited by tourists to attain calmness. Visitors there used to say that anyone can feel the peace and calmness in the environment as soon as he enters the temple. Apart from the architecture and art of the temple, the other most attractive thing inside the temple is the big statue of Sakyamuni sitting in the meditating position in the center of the temple. You and your family can enjoy the epic and stunning artwork inside the temple, also it is very advisable that you along with your family members should sit and perform a few minutes of meditation to feel the peaceful and serene life of monks.

This place is located nearby Mall Road of Manali and unlike the hustle and crowd of Mall Road this place is complete heaven if you are looking for peace and some good environment after walking in the crowd and hustling Mall Road. It is very easy to reach there by walking as the tourist management association of Manali has put immense effort in using sign boards and directions to reach the temple. The structure of this temple is designed as any Tibetan Temple, the colors used for this temple are a bright yellow and white combination. The temple is made of complete wood and in front of the temple there is a narrow pathway covered by shrubs and spacious lawns on both sides. You can do your prayers at prayer wheels which are installed all around the temple, encircling the temple. You and your family members can take the lessons from the painting inside the temple, as the temple depicts all the teachings and values of Gautam Buddha. You can also bring fruits for the monks of the monastery if you want to.

Although this monastery is open throughout the year, the best time to visit Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple is between the months of October and May. If you and your family want to see the monastery covered in snow you can go there in months between October and February, or if your family loves sunny days and clear sky you can go there from March to May.

Beas River Bank

Who doesn’t love cooking in the woods with other family members. Banks of Beas River offer you joyful and laughter moments. Being one of the longest rivers in northern provinces of India, this river has high flow and some beautiful sceneries. Coming down the hill this river produces a very peaceful sound while hitting the sturdy terrains in front of it. You can take your family there with all the picnic essential items and enjoy some very fun, loving and joyous moments of your life. If your family loves adventurous sports you can also do various adventurous activities while you’re at Beas River. You can go rafting, trekking, cycling and biking.

The best time to visit Beas River is the monsoon. Although during monsoons it is not recommended to plan trips to Manali because of the frequent and sudden landslides. Yet monsoon is the only season when this river shows off its complete beauty. Though you can visit there throughout the year, as during the month from March to May, the green pine and deodar trees on the banks of River Beas will leave your eyes mesmerized. During the month between October to February you can enjoy the leaves of trees not green rather like snow sheets as the whole place remains covered with snow.

Also, do not forget to take a good pair of shoes as the Beas River Banks are full of different terrains. And make sure your family doesn’t get too involved in taking pictures and lose the track of land and get closer to the river. As the river is too dangerous if you don’t take it seriously. Also if you are planning a family picnic on the banks of the river do not forget to take your wastes with you and to dump it into the right place. You must remember not to make the place dirty.

Reaching the river banks is no big deal, either you can drive by yourself or you can hire a private taxi or take a public bus, as it is only 5 kilometers away from the Manali Bus Stop. This is the perfect destination in Manali for a family weekend.

Jogini Waterfall

This place is another very popular spot for picnics. This place is very much popular because of the 2 kilometers trek from Vashisht Temple. The trek is so wonderful as it gives the wonderful view of walking through pine trees and orchids. The height of this waterfall is 160 feets. And also while trekking you will come across a number of small streams, the beautiful glimpse of River Beas and snow-covered peaks of Rohtang Pass. Don’t forget to take a camera with you during the trek as you and your family will want to take some great photos with wonderful backgrounds. The journey time of the trek is about 3 hours. Also, you can enjoy some tea and maggie points in between the tracks.

The trip from Vashisht Temple can be finished relaxed, and it requires around 45 minutes to arrive at the base of Jogini Waterfall where you will recognize a little temple committed to Yogini Mata. This place is visited by local people who bring their children here for mundan (first shaved head). From here, you can move up to arrive at the highest point of the waterfall or decide to plunge on a tight side way which will take you to the base of the Jogini Waterfalls. This spot has a little pool shaped by the flowing water and is ideally suited for relaxing and going all in. To move to the highest point of the mind-blowing Jogini Waterfall, take the difficult path from the right half of the lower waterfall. The move to the top is a little difficult however the prize is the mesmerizing and astonishing view of Manali Valley.

The places mentioned above are perfect for a weekend getaway for family, as all the places are near Manali which is not much time taking. While you’re planning trips for the family do not forget to claim and experience the best accommodation and hospitality by Coral Resort and Spa. They try at their best to make your journey with your family the safest yet very fun and joyous.   

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