How to Pack for Mountain Hike in Manali

How to Pack for Mountain Hike in Manali

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Many travelers state mountains as their ‘Peace’, many refer to them as an ‘Adventure’ and some people call them both peace and adventure. Well, no matter what they call them, everyone knows that mountains humbles travelers. Manali is one place that stands perfectly on both prospects. One of the most amazing and fun activity is a mountain hike in Manali. 

Mountain hiking in Manali is definitely very adventurous and thrilling but this activity can really get dangerous if you do not take the right and necessary things to a hike. Hence it is very important to take proper items in your backpack while planning a mountain hike. But it can really be messy and confusing if you are doing mountain hiking for the first time as Manali offers various levels of hiking from moderate to high level of expertise required. This article will help the tourists to make their packing easy and less confusing while planning trip for a mountain hike in Manali. 

10 Essential Things To Carry While Hiking

The following things are very essential things to pack before going hiking as these things will help you not to get stuck in high altitudes. 

  1. Water Bottles

A water bottle is a must for any journey but the importance of water bottle increases by 10× on hiking trips. During hiking to high altitudes it is very hard to find clean sources of drinking water and it is very important to keep your body hydrated all the time. Hikers can refill their water bottles at high altitude as higher altitudes have natural streams that offer clean water. But not all the bottles are suitable for hiking, therefore it is very important that you choose a leakage free and sturdy water bottle for mountain hike

  1. Hiking Shoes

Hiking is all about walking and climbing through rough terrains which is why it is very important that you choose a great pair of shoes. Because shoes are the first of many things that will keep you very safe during hiking. While choosing good hiking shoes, things that you will have to keep in mind is that the shoes have to be lighter in weight but also tougher so that it can tolerate your walking and jumping in rough terrains. Also, the grips of hiking shoes should be very firm as it will keep you away from slipping on rocks as Manali weather can make rocks and paths very slippery.

  1. Hike Pants

Along with hiking shoes, a pair of good hiking pants is very much needed. Hiking pants are a better choice than normal pants because normal pants are not suitable for rough terrains and tough weather situations. When you pick hiking pants make sure that the pants are made of comfortable fabric as you do not want any uncomfortableness while doing any activities on a hike. Also, one more thing to make sure of is the weather of Manali when you are planning your mountain hike. For instance, snow hiking pants are different from normal hiking pants. It is very advisable that you choose cargo hike pants as pockets in those pants will let you keep your few essential and lighter things in your pocket and you can you carry it with you. 

  1. Backpack

It is very important to pick a good backpack for your mountain hike in Manali. A good backpack will make sure the space you need to carry essential things and also to keep those things organized while you go hiking. It is very important to keep things organized in your backpack as it will help you not to forget things and also organized things will save you much time from finding things in your backpack. Along with the space inside the bag, the outer quality of the backpack should be hiking centric, you have to check it to go soft on your shoulders and back, but also these bags can go tough on rough terrains and weather.

  1. Medical Kit

Keeping medical essential items is the first thing to be packed while planning a mountain hike in Manali. Manali trek path offers a very rough and rocky way and it is very common for all the hikers to get wounded once in the whole hiking path. Hence, keeping basic medical items like painkillers, band-aids, ointment cream, medicines is a must-must thing. Consult a doctor before going on a hike and tell him about the environment that you are going in, also the weather and altitude you will be climbing and the doctor will prescribe some good medicines along with good medical advice.

  1. Sunscreen

Nobody wants to get sunburned and quit hiking because of that. As on high altitudes on mountains sun rays and UV rays fall directly on the skin that causes skin to get skin burn. To protect your skin from direct rays of sunlight you definitely should consider keeping sunscreens or sun blockers in your backpack. While picking good sunscreens you must keep in mind that the cream should say it has SPF70. Also, you have to carry a SPF rating lip balm as your lips will get dehydrated very frequently. 

  1. Walking Pole

It is very important that you don’t get easily tired while walking. The hiking path is full of high steep and low steep where hikers have to shift pressure on toe according to path. But after continuous walking the legs start pumping up and then the legs start feeling tired after a while. Therefore to stay away from getting tired very easily and to continue your hike going for a longer time, walking with a walking pole is very necessary. Walking poles will also help hikers to maintain pressure ratio over toes, and poles will make sure that you put your feets at the right location. 

  1. Snacks and Energy Bars

While hiking in the mountains of Manali, hikers should really avoid taking very frequent breaks as this affects the total hiking time and your body will get more relaxed at every break. Therefore, it is very advisable that you carry some light snacks and energy bars that you can carry with yourself without thinking about the luggage getting heavy. Also, these snacks and energy bars are very hasslefree you can eat them while walking. The main reason behind having energy bars while hiking is because your body will lose more energy than that on any other day and energy bars can fulfill the lack of energy without getting heavy on the stomach. 

NOTE: Do not throw waste wrappers and other packets in a hiking way, keep it with you until you find a proper dustbin. Keep India Clean and Hygienic. 

  1. Swiss Knife and Flashlight/Torch

Both of these items are very much useful while hiking. A swiss knife has almost every blade for every purpose, hence it will be very helpful on hiking in the mountains in Manali. With swiss knives, flashlights are also very much important as you don’t want yourself to get lost in the darkness of mountains. These two items are those items which feel like an option but you will know the worth of these items while hiking.

  1. Hand Sanitizer

While hiking, your hands will come in contact with many unhygienic and dirty things and finding water to wash your hands in mountains every time is way tougher than you can imagine. That is why it is very much recommended that you carry a hand sanitizer with you during hiking. 

Hand Sanitizers are very less space taking items yet very useful items. Hand sanitizers will keep your hands germs free and your mind tension free. 

These items are some very essential items to keep while planning to hike in mountains. Also, there are many other items whose importance depends upon the place where you are planning to go for hiking. Yet, prepare well for hiking and be safe on hiking in the mountains in Manali. 

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