Top 10 Street Food In Manali

Top 10 Street Food In Manali

Lately, Manali has become a significant attraction for tourists from all around the globe. And with moving times the number of tourist visits in Manali is growing at a very high pace and so is the craze for the place. And as a result of this, many new businesses are establishing their feet in this crowdy place. The same is happening with the food vendors of Manali and in all that crowd it is very tough to look for the right local street food where you can have good and clean food because the heart of any place stays in their food. Hence, here’s the guide to the top 10 street food in Manali, so that you can enjoy Manali at its fullest. 

India is well-known for its large variety of food, and like any other place in India, Manali has some very unique and lovely street food collections to offer to its visitors. So, let’s dive right into the list of the top 10 street food in Manali.

1. Khatta

The first dish in the list of our top 10 street food in Manali is Khatta. It is one of the most famous dishes of not only Manali but the whole of Himachal Pradesh. This dish is prepared from pumpkin and it is a Pahadi dish. Not just because of the unique preparation of this dish, this dish is very famous because of the authenticity of its taste too. You can feel the taste each time you take a bite of this dish. It tastes slightly sweet and sour both at the same time. This traditional dish of Manali is prepared from Pumpkin in crisped ball shape with dry mango powder and the method required to prepare this dish is completely traditional. This dish can be found very easily on the streets of Manali.  

2. Babru

The second most famous Indian street food in Manali is Babru. This delicious dish is loved by all people for the breakfast in Himachal Pradesh. This dish belongs to the race of the delicious very old Kachori family. And like kachoris, Babru is also prepared with soaked gram paste and then kneading it to create the dish. Though this dish has already its own very lovely taste, Babru tastes more delicious with tamarind chutney. It is a well-known dish that brings all the flavors and aromas of Manali and Himachal Pradesh’s foods. So do not miss tasting this very soothing dish for breakfast the next time you are in Manali. Babru can be found very easily at any stall or local dhabha on the streets of Manali.  

3. Trout

If you love maintaining your calorie count in your body, then you know street foods are not the thing you want to eat. But unlike any other street food, Trout is one of the finest low-calorie dishes on the streets of Kullu and Manali. It is a fish-based dish. This dish is one of the most uniquely prepared dishes in the Manali region. This dish is prepared by marinating the raw materials with different-different spices and then slowly cooking on medium heat which makes it very aromatic. And because of this, this dish has a very low-calorie count, which is quite good for health. But make sure that the place you are eating this dish at, uses fresh and not cold-stored fish for a long, because stored fish tastes different than the fresh one, and because of this your taste buds will compromise the taste of Trout.  

4. Samosas 

One of the most famous snacks in entire India, Samosas, is not only famous in Manali but also people love it more than in any other place. And the reason behind this is the chilling weather in Manali. Hot samosas with pudina ki chutney and a cup of tea are perfect combos for Manali’s weather. This snack is made with refined flour with potato fillings and then deep-fried. This snack can be found at any place in Manali streets. The perfect time to eat this dish is the evening, when you are taking walks with your loved ones, when you see any stall offering this combo, go grab your seats and enjoy this combo while looking at your loved ones and Manali’s weather. 

5. Bombay Bhelpuri

With both spicy and tangy tastes, this dish is not only famous in Mumbai but also in the streets of Manali. And because of the right preparation of fried rice, potatoes, chickpeas, tangy tamarind sauce, onions, and much more, this dish tastes completely different and it is very hard to find such unmatchable taste in some other dishes. You can very easily find this dish in the streets of Manali. Bombay Bhelpuri is available on every corner of Manali streets. Because of so much popularity yet effortless dish, it lies in the list of our top 10 street food in Manali. 

6. Tudkiya Bhat

Another dish on our list is Tudkiya Bhat. It is a slow-cooked rice dish from the streets of Manali. The preparation of this dish is so classy that will leave you wanting more of it. This dish is prepared with soaked rice, cooked with soaked masoor dal and yogurt in various aromatic spices. Some rare spices like Dagad Phool or Kalpassi ( popularly known as the black stone), mace and star anise are used while preparing this dish. These rare spices give this dish pahadi essence and make it a Pahadi cuisine. 

7. Patande

This dish is also known as Himachali Pancakes in Himachal. It is one of the most popular breakfast items in Manali. This dish looks like dosa but actually, it has a texture like a pancake, which is why it is called Himachali Pancakes. This dish is prepared from ghee, wheat flour, milk, and sugar. These are all then cooked on a hot griddle and look like the conventional hot cake and it is served mainly with apple stew. So next time while on your visit to Manali, make sure to ask for apple stew with Patande, only if you are not getting it by default. This dish can be found very easily in Manali, almost all restaurants and cafes have this dish on their menu card for breakfasts.

8. Mittha 

This other most delicate dish of Manali is almost available at every place in Manali. This dish is made up of rice, raisins, and cashew nuts, topped with saffron milk, and sugar by layering all things up. The cooking style of this dish is very slow, which is important too because cooking slow this dish makes sure that all the nutrients of this dish remain intact while preparing this dish. It’s a sweet dish of Manali, and if mountains are calling you then make sure that you don’t miss this dish. 

9. Chha Gosht

For all non-veg lovers, this dish is the favorite food in the streets of Manali. This dish is prepared with marinated mutton cooked in yogurt, gram flour, and authentic Indian spices. This dish goes deliciously with rice. Some other authentic Indian Spices are cardamom, asafoetida, ginger-garlic paste, red chilly powder, coriander powder, and bay leaf. The dish gives you the right amount of inner-body warmth, which perfectly balances out the body temperature according to the weather in Manali.

10. Chana Madra

Chana Madra is another famous Himachali dish, which is also very loved in Manali. This dish is prepared with white chickpeas and other items like tamarind, garlic, onions, and other Indian spices. Because of tamarind and other spices this dish is very aromatic and exotic. This dish is delicious on its own but it tastes even better when eaten with rice. This dish is very easy in the whole of Manali and can be found at any local dhabha or restaurant in Manali. 

All of the above-mentioned food and dishes are some picked dishes that you can enjoy on the streets of Manali but apart from these dishes, Manali has many other things to offer. Plan a trip to Manali and enjoy these dishes and much other fun and breath-taking things of Manali. While you busy tasting all these dishes, leave your accommodation and staying responsibility to Coral Resorts and Spa. Coral Resorts and Spa take care of everything like no other place.     


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