Travel Guide To Manali

Travel Guide To Manali

Taste in traveling differs from person to person, which leads people to look for destinations that can actually meet all the needs of travel enthusiasts. There is one location in Himachal Pradesh that actually provides all different tastes of traveling at one pace, Manali. Manali is for everyone, whether it’s about going for adventure or finding mental peace, or whether it’s about going solo and discovering your inner self or getting away on your first honeymoon in Manali, Manali has all of them. Hence, to help you out with all the hectic traveling management here is the complete travel guide to Manali.

Manali is located in the northern end of Kullu Valley, in the district of Kullu, in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This hill station is surrounded by high peaks and beautiful mountains that give breathtaking views. But Manali is not only about mountains, there are various other things that will leave you astonished. The various things that you can do and can enjoy while you stay in Manali are completely elaborated below. 

Scenic and Mind-blowing Manali Tourist Places

Rohtang Pass – Rohtang pass is known for its unparalleled natural beauty, also it is one of the highest passes in the Himalayas. The height of this pass is 3978 meters, because of which you can enjoy the most pristine view of the Himalayas. This pass also offers various adventurous activities to do like skiing, paragliding, zorbing and many other snow activities. Tourists can also get mesmerizing views of the Lahaul Valley and the Chandra River from this pass. Most times of the year the mountains of Rohtang Pass are generally covered with snow and being covered with sheets of snow makes this place a very romantic getaway for newlywed couples too. And on October 3, 2020, the current prime minister of India added a new milestone at this place as Rohtang Pass Tunnel, also known as Atal Tunnel. This tunnel is the World’s Highest Motorable tunnel. 

Solang Valley – This valley lies 13 km away from Manali. During winters, the high peak mountains are completely covered with fluffy and untouched snow sheets that attract tourists from all over the world to enjoy breathless skiing. 

Apart from skiing, you can also enjoy other adventurous sports like zorbing and paragliding in Solang Valley Manali. The other interesting things you can do here is Quad Biking and snowmobiling. You can also enjoy camping between oak and pine trees with lush green leaves. The experiences of Solang Valley will make you feel like you’re standing in a movie. 

Old Manali – Unlikely other adrenaline-rushing places in Manali, Old Manali is a peaceful and serene place. Old Manali carries the culture of Manali. Tourists can walk through the lane of Old Manali and can enjoy the shops that are full of cultural things of Manali, hand-crafted gifts, and other various fascinating things. Along with the cultural touch of Manali, some shops also have funky clothes for the youth. Old Manali is not famous for shopping only, you can also enjoy some great foods in some very fancy restaurants with very good vibes. There are also cafes designed for both new youth and also the old generation. There are places in Old Manali that are known for the wine tasting which is much preferred by families and groups of friends to enjoy some quality time while enjoying great wine. There are some very old temples in Old Manali where you can enjoy some very peaceful times of your life.

Things to Do While In Manali

Trekking: Many popular trekking routes lie in Manali Region, many of tourists pack their bags and come to Manali for breath-taking and adventurous trekking. One can go trekking in Manali throughout the year as the narrow mountain trails during winter makes you feel more thrilled. There are various trekking routes in Manali that offer different levels of trekking that help people in choosing treks from easy level to hard level based on their experiences with trekking. Some top trekking places in Manali are Jogini Waterfalls trek, Lama Dugh trek, Bhrigu Lake Trek, Hamya Herbal Trek, Deo Tibba Trek, Beas Kund Trek, Kheerganga Trek and many others. There are various Manali tour packages that include good trekking options. 

Skiing: The thrilling and one of the most adventurous sports, Skiing lies in Manali. As mentioned above, the best place for skiing in Manali is after going a little higher to Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass. As these places are covered with snow sheets throughout the year and also the snow sheets are so fluffy which makes them suitable for skiing. Skiing is one of the most famous activities in Manali if you are an adventure lover. The best time to enjoy skiing in these places is from the month of December to January. Skiing down these mountain slopes will give more adrenaline in your veins and peace to your eyes as you will enjoy beautiful landscapes passing by you. While making a Manali trip plan, skiing should not be missed. 

Zorbing: This adventurous sport is something that should not be missed while you’re in Manali. Zorbing is a sport where a person slides into a gigantic transparent ball and that ball is rolled down a mountain slope. The best place for Zorbing in Manali is Solang Valley, and you can enjoy the view of Manali from all angles. Also, to ensure the safety of all tourists Manali tourism has appointed various instructors to guide you through this very adventurous sport.

River-Rafting: River-Rafting in Manali is too much fun as the Beas River gives rafters some very curvy turns and a thrilling flow of water. Also, the river is full of scenic views from both sides, which makes river-rafting thrilling as well as mesmerizing simultaneously. And a person traveling to Manali should not miss adding a river-rafting experience to the Manali holiday package. 

Paragliding: Paragliding is not a hidden adventurous sport of Manali. Some places like Solang Valley, Fatru, and Marhi offer some very good paragliding. During paragliding in these places, you can enjoy the scenic view of Manali from above the sky, with pine and cedar trees passing by beneath your foot. Also, if you go during Manali snowfall time you can enjoy the massive sheets of various mountains from above. 

Best Place to Stay in Manali

Every journey is incomplete without the good experience of staying at the destination. Here is the best place to stay on your Manali Tour.

Coral Resort And Spa: This resort is one of the best 5star resorts in Manali. Along With scenic views of peaked mountains, this resort offers the very best luxury hotel rooms in all of Manali. The behavior of the staff is the humblest in Manali, and the comfort in this resort is completely top of the line. Also, during your stay at this resort, you can enjoy some great foods and cuisines in the hotel’s own restaurant. With spacious rooms and luxury decors, this resort also offers coffee shops, a bar, swimming pool, rooftop grill, gymnasium, spa with steam, and a sauna bath. 

Best Time to Visit Manali

Though, Manali is all beautiful and beautiful during all seasons. Yet if you want to enjoy some chills or some mild weather here is the list of months to ensure your best time to visit Kullu Manali. 

December- January: In these two months, the snow in Manali is fresh and you can enjoy snowfall on a daily basis. This time of the month is best for skiing and for couples as fluffy snow-covered mountains will give the feeling of being in a movie.

March- June: Though in many regions of India summer enters during March, the weather in Manali during this month still contains some mild chills and wonderful sun rays during the day. This month offers the best experience with some adventurous sports like paragliding, rafting, or trekking. This time of the month is also called spring time which results in making the flora of Manali come in its most wonderful greenish and pristine beauty. 

September: If you want to see winter entering Manali, September is the best time to do this. Also, you can experience the first snowfall of Manali during the starting month of this period.

These are some of the best months to visit Manali. But it totally depends on your interests and passion whether you want to enjoy the greenery of Manali or the Manali covered with beautiful white snow.

Ways to Reach Manali

You can visit Manali by all means of transport, there are various tour and trip packages for Manali from all places of India. 

By Air: The nearest airport to Manali is Bhuntar which is 50 km away from Manali. You can board flights to Bhuntar from Delhi and Chandigarh mainly, also you can take connecting flights from different regions of India. After arriving at Bhuntar one can take pre-paid taxis to Manali. 

By Road: Driving to Manali is one of the best experiences in itself. The curvy roads and scenic views from the window of your vehicle make the road trip to Manali really exciting and breathtaking. If you are confident of your driving in the mountains then self-driving to Manali is a perfect choice otherwise you can also book taxis or commercial vehicles from nearby places of Manali. Or you can take buses from other mind-blowing destinations like Dharamsala, Leh, Shimla, Kullu, and New Delhi. The buses run very frequently on all days of the week.

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